What is an all play?

An All Play is when all small groups go through the same material at the same time.

How long is the all play?

This All Play runs for six weeks. It begins with a social the week of Feb. 4/5 then follows with a five-week study of the book of James.

How do I get the curriculum?

Download a digital copy:

Download Faith That Works

What can I expect when I show up at small group?

Expect to meet 6-12 other people who live in your area, who want to grow in their relationship with Jesus and to encourage others to do the same. You’ll have a time to talk and connect followed by discussion and a time to pray for one another. You do not have to know anything about the Bible to attend! Everyone in the group will be learning together and helping one another understand the text.

What about childcare?

If your group offers childcare, you will be able to work out the details at your social the first week. Need some ideas on how to handle childcare? Consider:
*Group members hire a babysitter together.
*Group members rotate individually watching the children.
*Teams of group members supervise the kids in shifts on the same night.
*Men/women meet on different nights and alternate caring for the children. Social events are planned together.