Small Group Study Resources test

Suggested Studies

Each week, we provide a resource to help your group to connect and apply what you are learning from the weekend message to your lives. Don’t feel like you have to “follow the script,” but use the Message Based Curriculum as a starting point to help your group grow in relationship with Christ together.

If your group is looking for a topical study or Bible study related to your season of life, we also provide a free resource called Right Now Media (kind of like the Netflix of Bible studies) with many different options to choose from. Once you sign up for an account below, you will find a variety of studies Hope’s leadership recommends under “Libraries- Hope Community Church.”

If you are a small group leader looking for resources to help you lead more effectively, we have a list of practical ideas and resources based on our “group health tool” you can find here.

As always, your Area Pastor or Small Groups Coach is your best resource for your group. Please contact them with questions or concerns.