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January 2020:
Identity in Christ

  • Written Curriculum

    • The True You (LIVE Curriculum)

      • Lots of people try to tell us who we are … which voice will capture your attention? This series explores some of the great stories of the Old Testament to paint a picture of who God says we are.
    • Real Eyes (Download Youth Ministry)

      • It’s time to start looking at ourselves with REAL EYES and realize the truth we have in Christ! The truth of His forgiveness, His eternal life, and that the world may be broken but we don’t have to be.

Video Curriculum

  • Crazy Love – Francis Chan

    • This series empowers you and your small group to dive deep into God’s radical love for you. The goal of this series is to help you see yourself as God sees you and to empower you to live life accordingly.
    • Videos (on Right Now Media)
    • Leader’s Guides
  • Decisions – Eric Mason

    • Teenagers are under so much pressure: Parents and teachers want them to grow up, while they might have peers and friends who pressure them to make immature decisions. Every decision we make should come from a worldview centered on God and His Word. Note: These videos are 20-25 minutes long.
    • Videos and Leader’s Guides  (Right Now Media)
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