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March 2020: The Book

Written Curriculum

Video Curriculum

  • Philippians – Right Now Media (Jo Saxton)

    • What we think about Jesus matters. Our perception of Him shapes us—what we say, how we treat others, even what we think. If we paint Jesus as any less than who He is as supreme over all creation and savior of the world, not only does our theology slip, but the working out of our faith also suffers.
    • There are eight 12-minute videos, we recommend picking one to go through each week.
  • Jonah – Right Now Media (Eric Mason)

    • Far more than just a Sunday school story, Jonah’s story offers a profound glimpse into the conflict that occurs when we are reluctant or resistant to follow God’s call. More importantly, it underscores the depths of God’s compassion not only in redeeming the lost, but redeeming those He has called to participate in His reconciling work.
    • There are eight 6-9 minute videos. Depending on your group, you may be able to cover 1 or 2 videos a week.
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