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Pick some things from list this to do each day:

  1. Spend time reading your Bible
  2. Do a Bible Plan with friends
  3. Go outside
  4. Take a walk
  5. Listen to worship music
  6. Donate food for those in need (more details here)
  7. Journal
  8. Call your grandparents
  9. Read
  10. Send snail mail (US post mail)
  11. Do a craft project
  12. Do a workout video on YouTube of Nike app
  13. Make a workout video
  14. Learning something new
  15. Write a book
  16. Create a game
  17. Memorize Scripture
  18. Clean/organize your room
  19. Clean/organize other parts of the house
  20. Do yoga/meditate on Scripture
  21. Play a card/board game with your family
  22. Listen to a podcast (try Youth Group +)
  23. Dance
  24. Call or text to check in on at least 3 people a day
  25. Draw, color, and/or paint!
  26. Cook or bake something yummy
  27. Watch a TED talk
  28. Mow the lawn
  29. Write 3 things you are thankful for each day
  30. Organize your closet and make a donation pile
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