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Series Overview: Some people are fair-weather supporters, but when we stan someone, we support them with all their heart and never waver supporting that person through the wins and the losses – whether they win the grammy, Oscar, Golden globe, or not. When you stan, you voice your support online when the person’s new album comes out, drops a new makeup line, when a loved twitch streamer has a brand new collaboration with a big name game developer, or even makes a statement online that can has caused backlash by trolls. To stan is to be is extremely dedicated; you get to a place where you receive great enjoyment about giving it your all.

What if we were stans for Jesus? What if we found joy in giving all our dedication to Jesus all day every day? This month we are going to look at how we can give Jesus our all through honoring the sabbath, memorizing Scripture, and fasting. These are practical ways we can pursue God and be transformed by His Spirit from the inside out.

Jesus Connection: We don’t practice spiritual disciplines to earn God’s love or approval, we do them out of the overflow of the love we have for God.

Wk 1: The Sabbath – February 14, 2021

Wk 2: Scripture Memorization – February 21, 2021

Wk 3: Fasting – February 28, 2021

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