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Jesus ________.

Series Overview:

“Jesus loves me, this I know.” You’ve probably heard that before, maybe even sung it. They are easy words to sing, but they are meant for so much more than a song – they are meant to save and transform the world. Through this series we will observe how Jesus’ love radically tears down barriers and challenge ourselves on  how we can reflect this transformational, revolutionary love of Jesus for all to the world.

Middle School Hack:

Ever remember the dread of trying to figure out what lunch table you were going to sit at in school?  All of these Bible stories have a common thread: where culture said, “YOU can’t sit with Jesus,” Jesus turned to them, in front of everyone in the lunchroom, and said, “Come sit with me at my table.” No matter who you are or what your label or age, Jesus values you, welcomes you, and loves you with a big, radical, amazing love.

Week 1: Jesus loves _____.
May 9, 2021

Week 2: Jesus helps _____.
May 16

Week 3: Jesus welcomes ______.
May 23

Week 4: Jesus values ______.
May 30

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