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Looking at serving through the lens of Spider-Man and using his example to propel us forward into looking at what Jesus says about serving, and how he models a perfect example for us to serve.

Week A: FALL 2022

  • MAIN POINT: To have a heart of serving we must have an attitude of Christ.
  • MAIN SCRIPTURE: Philippians 2:1-4 NLT
  • CROSS CONNECTION: Jesus so loved and served the world that He gave His life, so that those who believe in Him can have a right relationship with God. When we have this right relationship with God, we can grow more like Him and start reflecting Him to others.
  • Great Power, GR – Week 1 SGL

Week B: FALL 2022

  • MAIN POINT: Jesus is our example of how to serve selflessly.
  • MAIN SCRIPTURE: John 13:1-17 NLT & John 15:12-13 NLT
  • CROSS CONNECTION: Jesus sacrificially took our sin and died on the cross in our place, and because of this we now get to have a relationship with God the Father. Jesus did what no one else could do.
  • Great Power, GR – Week 2 SGL
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