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As a child, you may have heard some common bible stories from a children’s bible. When you get older, we should take some time to revisit these classic stories to understand a little more of what the bible has to say, explore the story a little deeper, and understand these well-known bible characters. Jesus shows up in the Old Testament, let’s explore some childhood passages together while we learn more about Abraham, Samson, and Jonah.

WEEK 1 – December 3 – ABRAHAM

BIG IDEA: Trust God and learn to follow where He leads you
BIBLE: Gen 22:1-14 (Gen 11-25, Gal 3:6-9, Rom 4, Hebrews 11)
The Beginner’s Bible Page: pg 46 Visitors
Jesus Connection:
• Isaac & Jesus are long awaited “beloved sons”
• Both sons carry wood leading to their death
• God provides the sacrifice substitute

WEEK 2 – December 10 – SAMSON
BIG IDEA: Doing what is right in the Lord’s eyes, not your own, will lead you to faithfully following God.
BIBLE: Judges 13:5; 16:28 (Judges 13-16)
The Beginner’s Bible Page: pg 146 Samson
Jesus Connection:
• Birth Story, similar to Jesus. Angel shows up to say coming child. Similar to Jesus’ story, show up to Mary
• Betrayed for silver & taken away bonded
• Blinded/ Blindfolded

WEEK 3 – December 17 – JONAH
BIG IDEA: You never realize Jesus is all you need until Jesus is all you have.
Bible: Jonah 1-3 (Matthew 12:40-41, 2 Kings 14:25)
The Beginner’s Bible Page: pg 257 Jonah and the Big Fish
Jesus Connection:
• Sacrifice Story (relate back to Abraham & Isaac, point to Jesus)
• Matthew 12:40-41
• Jesus & Jonah 3 Days Darkness/ Separated

In January, we will start a new series. 

Devotionals for this series:

Over this series, we have 3 devotionals planned out that go along with each bible character in this series. The Watermark Bible has great resources to help students understand the bible character and draw a connection to Jesus. An animated video helps to brings the information to life that is illustration of what is read in the bible. The devotions are available on the Bible App Plan, follow the link for each devotional.

PDF Devotional Plan

Week 1 – Abraham & Isaac – 3 Day Devo
• Bible App Plan Link –

Week 2 – Samson – 3 Day Devo
• Bible App Plan Link –

Week 3 – Jonah – 3 Day Devo
• Bible App Plan Link –

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