HSM Essentials

Spring 2023 Lessons

  • Let Go(d) – A series on forgiveness
  • Chaos – Empowering students to make wise choices in the middle of chaos
  • Share Willingly – We have a God-given, excitingly worthwhile mission to share our faith
  • Big Questions – Answering teens’ top three big questions (according to a national research study by Fuller Youth Institute)
  • Jesus in His Own Words – There are a lot of opinions on who Jesus is, in this series we are exploring what Jesus said about Himself.
  • On the Lot – A Series about God’s Word coming to life in our lives
  • Bonus Lessons*:
    • Strength in Numbers – Wise Counsel (Stand Alone)
    • *Based on slightly different campus schedules and needs, these lessons may or may not appear this semester in your campus’ HSM schedule. Talk to your HSM Pastor and follow their weekly emails for details on when and if your campus will use these lessons.

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