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Theme: Doubts/Questions
Series Overview: We all have questions about God. We are going to teach students wise ways to seek out answers on their own. Over the course of this 3 week series, we will walk students through what it means to ask the right kind of questions as well as how to help others find the answers they need as well.

Week 1: Is it okay to ask questions? (Nov 30/Dec 1)
● Main Point: God can handle and wants to answer your questions.
● Main Scripture: Matthew 11:2-6
Small Group Guide Week 1

Week 2: How do I find answers? (Dec 7/8)
● Main Point: It’s a lot easier than you think to find answers to your questions.
● Main Scripture: Proverbs 2:1-11
Small Group Guide Week 2

Week 3:How do I help others find answers? (Dec 14/15)
● Main Point: God wants to use you to help other people grow closer to Him
● Main Scripture: 1 Peter 3:15-17
Small Group Guide Week 3

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