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Series Overview: The Gospel of Matthew is THE turning point for the Jewish people [Matthew’s main audience]. After HUNDREDS of years of silence, God not only finally speaks, but He decides to come down and show us what it means to truly live a life that not only prioritizes God, but shows us what it means to place Him at the center of everything.

Week 1 (March 21-22): The Sermon on the Mount
Main Point:
Jesus wants more than the bare-minimum; He raises the bar in the Sermon on the Mount.
Main Scriptures:
The Sermon On The Mount (Matthew 5), and 1 Corinthians 6:12
Gospel Response Week: Review Go5pel guide to prepare and be on time to huddle to go over how your campus will navigate this time 
Matt Wk1 – Small Group Guide

Week 2 (March 28/29): We are Family
Main Point:
Jesus expands what ‘family’ means to include our faith family as well.
Main Scriptures: Matthew 12:46-50; John 19:25-27
Matt Wk2 – Small Group Guide

Week 3 (April 4 & 5): The Discipleship Process
Main Point:
Discipleship is not a one-time YES to Jesus, it’s a lifelong journey.
Main Scriptures:
Matthew 28:16-20
Matt Wk3 – Small Group Guide

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