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Series Overview: Lights, camera, action! On the Lot is where the words of a tv or movie script come to life. In each of our lives, we want God’s Word to come to life. The Bible is more than just words to store in our brain, it can guide and transform our lives in amazing ways.

Week 1 (Feb 29-March 1): Lights
Main Point:
The Word of God is a light that directs our path.
Main Scriptures:
Psalm 119:105
Wk 1 Small Group Guide

Week 2 (March 7-8): Camera
Main Point:
Reading the Bible can help us see ourselves clearer.
Main Scriptures:
Hebrews 4:12 & James 1: 23-24
Wk 2 Small Group Guide

Week 3 (March 14 & 15): Action
Main Point:
Living out the words of the Bible leads to more freedom, not less.
Main Scriptures: Psalm 119:32; James 1:25
Wk 3 Small Group Guide

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