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Series Overview: God’s design for sex is simple, but somehow living it out gets complicated.

Leaders, we know this topic will likely bring up many questions from your students. To prepare for this, please pray for God to guide you and your group before you show up and read over these extra resources and make sure you read the ENTIRE Small Group Guides below, front and back and all columns. We also know some groups may have a tougher time with conversations on this topic, so every week we have an object lesson for the small group time. Instructions are in your leader guides and materials will be provided.
Students’ Relationship FAQs
Leading in Grace and Truth 2020

Week 1 (Feb 1-2): The Feelings Awaken
Main Point:
God designed us to have feelings of longing and attraction.
Main Scriptures:
Song of Songs 6:3 & 8:4
SG Object Lesson: Flashlight & batteries (details in leader guide below)
Small Group Guide – Wk 1

Week 2 (Feb 8-9): Honor and Respect
Main Point:
We can go to God for strength to overcome temptation, respect others, and live holy lives.
Main Scriptures:
Philippians 2:3-4 & 1 Peter 1:13-16
SG Object Lesson: Temptation by candy (details in leader guide below)
Small Group Guide Wk 2

Week 3 (Feb 15-16): Guardrails
Main Point: Guardrails, like boundaries and accountability, protect us
Main Scriptures:
1 Corinthians 6:18-20 & James 5:16
SG Object Lesson: Cars & guardrails (details in leader guide below)
Small Group Guide Wk 3

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