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Hey Parents! It was my honor to hang out with you at Twisted Arcade. Reminder, I’m Jay Reynolds and I oversee the student ministry here at Hope. Myself and MSM (Middle School Ministry) Team are praying for you and your families. I wanted to drop a few highlights from our time together to give you some easy links to click and make it simple to share with your spouse if they were not able to join in.

Parent Recap 5th Grade Twisted Arcarde

Hope Community Church is actively working to Building Families that Thrive so that everyone can ‘Own Their Faith and Pass It On.’

  1. Know Your Role as a Parent
    1. Remember what it was like for you as a middle schooler, think back to that phase of life to develop empathy for your child.
    2. You are the parent. Read Deuteronomy 6:4-7. Impress your faith on your children, and talk about it when you drive, eat, walk, and spend time together.
    3. Family Devo: Journey to the Cross – Easter
  2. Know Your Student
    1. Understanding the Teen Brain. We watched this video (click here)
    2. Downloadable PDF: Understanding The Middle School Brain for Parents
    3. Further reading can be one of these books:
      1. Parent’s Guide to Understanding Teenage Brains (click here)
      2. Parenting Your Sixth Grader (click here)
    4. Get Your Student a Bible they can Read and Understand
      1. I’ve been reviewing this Telos Bible lately and think it is great in helping students with their questions and giving instructions for bible study methods in the back of the bible.
      2. Telos Bible, A Student’s Guide Through Scripture (click Here)

It was an honor to spend time with you. I want to leave you with this as encouragement and my prayer over you as you parent your rising 6th grader.

  • Your Words Matter
  • Your Actions Matter
  • Your Prayers Matter
  • Your Steadiness Matters
  • Your Relationship with Jesus Matters

We are here to walk alongside you in middle school. General MSM questions can be sent to Feel free to reach out to chat and/or  grab coffee sometime.

Take one step at a time & enjoy,


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