MSM Small Group Essentials

Fall 2020

  • Gameplan (July 11/12-August 1/2)
  • You Belong Here
  • Monologues
  • Wrestling With God’s Word
  • Bad Advice
  • iSearch

(Past Curriculum)


To BEST help our families, we desire for YOU to be in the KNOW with information to help students and parents make this transition into Middle School Ministry. You have the opportunity to be the BEST influence for families. This document is meant to give you details and information.

We recognize the transition from 5th to 6th grade is very similar to riding a ROLLERCOASTER. It could look scary, the line is long,  and has TOO many loops. As a leader, how you communicate your belief will help to ease tensions and fears for what lies ahead. Will you help be an ENCOURAGER to students and parents?

We have prepared information for parents as well, you can direct them to

  • Leader Document 
  • Leader Webinar: Attending well help current 5th grade volunteers understand MSM, how to serve & how to help 5th graders make the transition into 6th grade
    • June 18 at 7pm Zoom meeting for about 40 minutes
    • June 28 at 2pm Zoom meeting for about 40 minutes
  • INTEREST FORM – Click here to complete if interested in volunteering in MSM
  • BEST OF THE MESS July 24 – Volunteer Link 
    • July 11/12 – Promotion Weekend
    • July 24 – Best of the Mess

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2020  All Campus Events

Squad Nights

  • Squad Nights are designed to be an EASY place to show up & BELONG. Jesus calls us to go into the world and make disciples, that happens when we REACH the community. Reach environments are designed to be FUN experiences for students to know they belong and are loved by God.
  • In person Squad Nights are CURRENTLY ON HOLD until it is safer to meet in person. Hang out with us for virtual Squad Nights Tuesday night at 7pm on our YouTube channel @HopeMSM

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Staff Contacts

Ayren Nelson

Apex MS Coordinator

Caleb White
Raleigh MS Pastor

Jay Reynolds
Central Team Lead

Justin Thompson
Morrisville MS Pastor

Sarah Beth Richardson
Central Team

Shelly White
Central Team

Tyler Bryan
Apex MS Pastor