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Dive into these fun adventures to show kids just how fun and far-reaching their acts of service can be.


• Super Samaritan—You’ll need stick-on name tags and markers. Read aloud the parable of the Good Samaritan (Luke 10:27-37). Give each family member a name tag and a marker. Say: “Write an ‘S’ on your name tag and

decorate the rest of the sticker to look like your very own superhero logo. Then stick the tag to the inside of your shirt where no one else can see it.” Pray that God will help you all be on the lookout for people to help. Close by shouting together, “This is a job for Super Samaritan!” A week or so later, have family members share how they helped and served.

• Waves of Service—Fill a small swimming pool with water and five diving rings. On a large piece of paper, write down what the rings stand for: 1.) God, 2.) family and friends, 3.) church family, 4.) community, and 5.) world. Say, “When we choose to serve God, we start a chain reaction of events. By serving God, we also serve others.” Take turns dropping marbles into the pool and watch the ripple effects. Say: “This one little action affects all the water. That’s how it is with service. Everything we do as we serve God has an effect on our world.” Brainstorm ways your family can serve in each of the five areas. Close by holding hands in a circle and praying: “Dear God, we know you’re at the center of our lives. Please make us your willing servants. Bless our projects and remind us that every time we serve a person in need, we’re actually serving you! In Jesus’ name, amen.”


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