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Because this month marks the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, we’ll be bombarded with recaps of the tragedy. Even if your children weren’t born yet in 2001, they’ll learn about this event and ask tough questions about it. This somber date can be an opportunity to talk to kids about life’s challenges and stresses—and how God shepherds us through them.

Whether children are confronted by the illness or death of a loved one, school bullies, parental job loss, or divorce, these stressors all bring uncertainty and anxiety. Take time to reassure children of your constant love for them and of God’s promise to never leave us. Be attentive, accepting, affirming, and reliable. As much as possible, maintain the same schedules and rules during crises because structure and boundaries help children feel safe. When changes occur, let children know what to expect. Also encourage your kids to talk openly about their feelings and fears. Most importantly, pray that God will help you all grow closer to him, no matter what obstacles you face.


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