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Movie: The Muppets

Genre: Family comedy

Rating: PG (for some mild rude humor)

Cast: Jason Segel, Amy Adams, Kermit the Frog, Miss Piggy

Synopsis: The beloved Muppets reunite—and recruit some fans—to save their old theater from oil tycoon Tex Richman.

Our Take: Parents who grew up with the Muppets will enjoy introducing their children to these colorful characters. Some humor will likely be over young viewers’ heads; for example, Animal is now at an anger-management rehab center for celebrities.


Artist: Jamie Grace

Album: One Song at a Time

Artist Info: This 19-year-old singer and songwriter from Atlanta is the newest addition to Toby Mac’s Christian music label. She’s a featured artist and speaker on Women of Faith’s Revolve Tour. Grace also is studying children’s ministry. She was diagnosed with Tourette syndrome at age 11.

Summary: Grace’s sound is a combination of pop, folk, and hip-hop. In her first single, “Hold Me,” Grace sings about loving God “more than the words in my brain can express.”

Our Take: Preteens (and their parents) will enjoy Grace’s refreshing sound and heartfelt lyrics about relating to God.



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