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While engaging in Christmas festivities, start a conversation by asking these questions:

1. What are your favorite Christmas traditions, and why? How do our traditions help us remember the real meaning of Christmas?

2. What are some ways we can add service and outreach to our Christmas celebrations?

3. How would you explain Christmas to someone who didn’t know anything about Jesus?

 Add a meaningful new twist to your Christmas celebrations by trying these ideas:
  • Unwrap the Story—Start a new tradition as you unpack your family’s crèche, or nativity scene. Let each person pull out one or two wrapped figures without peeking to see what’s inside. Take turns unwrapping figures. When someone adds a figure to the scene, have him or her say a prayer of thanks for the role that figure played in Jesus’ birth. For example, the person holding the stable might say, “Thank you that there was at least a stable nearby where Jesus could be born.” The person with a shepherd might say, “Thank you that the shepherds went and told lots of people about Jesus’ birth.”

         After the scene is complete, discuss the role we all can play in preparing for Jesus’ birth and in telling people why Jesus came to earth.

 • Parable Ornaments—Make a different ornament each week that reflects a parable from the Bible. For week one, pour salt into clear ball ornaments (Matthew 5:13). For week two, pour mustard seeds into clear ball ornaments (Matthew 17:20). For week three, tie Goldfish crackers in netting (Matthew 13:47). For week four, pour sunflower seeds into clear ball ornaments (Matthew 13:37). Print the verses and tie them to the ornaments. Then hang the ornaments on a small Christmas tree as a powerful reminder of Jesus’ life and teachings.


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