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Discuss rebellion and obedience by asking children these conversation-starting questions:

1. What makes people rebel, or break the rules? Why is it sometimes     difficult to do what we’re supposed to do?

2. How is rule-setting an act of love? What should we do when a rule   doesn’t seem loving or when we disagree with it?

3. How does God respond to our sins and mistakes? How do you respond when other people break rules, and why?

Use these activities to share the message that God wants us to follow and obey him.

  •  The Master’s Voice—Set up an obstacle course and have family members take turns trying to navigate it while blindfolded. Designate one person to give correct directions while everyone else shouts out wrong directions. Afterward, discuss what it was like trying to decide which voice to trust. Read John 10:1-5. Ask: “What makes it difficult to hear God’s voice and follow his instructions? What are some ways God speaks to us and helps us learn to hear him?” Close in prayer, asking God to make you good listeners and followers of him.
  •  Family Footprints—Make imprints of your feet as reminders to walk with God. You’ll need a large sheet of black plastic, sand, plaster of Paris, water, and a mixing bucket. Pour 3 inches of sand onto the black plastic. Mix enough water into the sand so it’ll hold a mold. Mix the plaster of Paris and water in the bucket according to the directions. Help each family member press a foot 2 inches into the sand. Carefully pour plaster into each footprint. The plaster takes 30  minutes to harden.
  •  While prints are drying, read aloud Joshua 22:5 and discuss what it means to walk with God. Ask: “What ways do we rely on each other? What ways do you rely on God? How are these ways similar or different?” When the footprints have hardened, gently dig them out. Then display them in your yard or garden as reminders to obey and walk with God.


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