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Use these simple activities to convey Easter’s message. 
  •  Easter Peek-a-Boo—Teach babies and toddlers about Jesus’
    resurrection by making a small figure out of LEGO toys. Place the
    figure in a cup and say that people put Jesus in a dark cave. Tilt the cup sideways so children can see inside it. Then tell children to cover their eyes with their hands as you remove the figure from the cup. Say, “Peek-a-boo!” and have children open their eyes to see the empty cup. Show the figure and say, “Jesus is alive!” Play several times to help little ones know that Jesus is alive this Easter.
  • Hard-Boiled Hearts—After boiling some eggs, have family members decorate the shells with washable markers. As everyone works, ask: “How does the outside of the egg feel?” When the decorating is finished, read aloud Psalm 95:6-9. Say: “God wants our hearts to be soft
    toward him. But our hearts can be hard. What are some things that might make people’s hearts hard and closed toward God?”

 Have family members crack their eggs and peel away the shells. Ask them to feel the inside of the egg and describe what it feels like. Say: “When our hearts are hard, God can crack away the hard outer shell to reveal something soft on the inside. What helps make your heart soft toward God?” Close in prayer, asking God to make your hearts soft like the inside of eggs, not hard like the shells. Then wash and eat your eggs for a snack.

Talk about the real meaning of Easter by discussing these questions:

1. What happened on the first Easter, and why do we celebrate the

2. Why do you think Jesus died on the cross? Why were his friends so
surprised to see him again afterward?

3. How can we share the good news of the Easter message with other


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