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Series Overview: Jesus said a lot of things that would sound a little crazy to us today; Jesus said a lot of things that sounded crazy to the people of His day. But everything He said was meaningful. Let’s take a deeper look at some of the things that might make us say, “JESUS SAID WHAT?!” and what they mean in our lives today.

Week 1 (April 26): Straight to the Heart
Main Point: Jesus says what He says not to change our behavior but to transform our hearts.
Main Scriptures: Matthew 5:27-30 & Romans 10:9
Gospel Moment & Invitation: Christianity isn’t behavior modification, it’s the transforming of our heart through faith in Jesus. Romans 10:9
Jesus Wk1 Small Group Guide

Week 2 (May 2): Eat and Drink What?!
Main Point: We get ‘living bread’ when we believe Jesus gave His body up as a sacrifice for us.
Main Scriptures: John 6:47-58
Family Activity: Family Communion Guide
Jesus Wk2 Small Group Guide

Week 3 (May 10): Worth the Cost
Main Point: Being Jesus’ disciple is going to cost you everything, but it’s worth it.
Main Scriptures: Luke 14:25-33 & Matthew 10:32-40
Jesus Wk3 Small Group Guide

Week 4 (May 17): A King Who Serves?!
Main Point: Jesus is king of a different kind of kingdom, so He leads us to live a different kind of life.
Main Scriptures: Mark 10:42-45
Jesus Wk4 Small Group Guide

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