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What We’re Learning: Racism Discussion
This weekend during the MSM online experience we are going to take time to talk specifically about the heavy topic of Racism & how to follow Jesus in hard times. This is a talk for both students & parents. We encourage your family to take time and lean in with us this Sunday at 10:30am on MSM Facebook Page.

June 7 – Racism… Let’s Talk About It with Shelly, Ayren & Tyler

  • Main Point: Our God is a God who builds bridges whenever relationships are fractured. And right now, we are seeing a big fracture.
  • Main Scripture: Exodus 34:6 // Psalm 107:1 // Isaiah 41:10 // John 17 // Galatians 5:22

Create meaningful conversation with your student(s). Adjust questions as needed, and don’t feel like you need to answer all of them. 

  1. Read the parable of the Good Samaritan together as a small group in Luke 10. Discuss how the Samaritan is the hero in this story? What did he do that was so bold?
  2. What false truths exist about people who are different than you? How do people typically come to hear these?
  3. What are some ways you (and your small group) can seek to be bridge builders in the current social climate?


  1. Listen– Listening is action. Trying to understand and stretch your personal thinking by actively listening.
  2. Educate– Study history, learn and understand what has happened in our history. As followers of Jesus we simply point people to Jesus – understanding perspectives helps to develop empathy.
  3. Pray – Pray for our country and our leaders. Pray for God to open your eyes and guide your steps.
  4. Dialogue – Consider praying and discussing with people who look different than you.


  1. Be The Bridge: Learning. Listening. Doing the Work. Including a 16 Tip downloadable guide.
  2. Center for Racial Justice in Education: Resources for Talking about Race, Racism and Racialized Violence with Kids
  3. How White Parents Can Talk To Their Kids About Race

Take time to pray and model vulnerability with your students. Praying together develops a healthy respect and dependence on God.

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