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MSM March Teaching Series: Faith in Real Life

Series Overview: Oftentimes churches teach at a level where they want their people to be, instead of meeting where their people actually are. Most people are not concerned with deep theological issues, instead are desperate to know how to follow Jesus on Monday after church, or Thursday after a Wednesday night youth group. This series addresses four main areas students get hung up or stall in their faith, and helps them to navigate the moments they are stalled in their growth. 

Wk 1:  Faith and Emotion: March 6, 2022 

  • Main Point: Even when I am not feeling it, I can still thrive in my faith. 
  • Main Scripture: Luke 15:1-7; Zephaniah 3:17 
  • Gospel Invitation + Response Week 
  • Wk 1 Small Group Guide – Faith IRL

Wk 2: Faith and Distractions: March 13 

Wk 3: Faith and Doubt: March 20 

Wk 4: Faith and Science: March 27 

  • Main Point: Science and faith can not only co-exist, but can lead me to a deeper relationship with God. 
  • Main Scripture: James 1:17 + Jeremiah 31:35-36 
  • Wk 4 Small Group Guide – Faith IRL
  • Additional Resource: Explore Science and Faith by Fuller Youth Institute:
    • Listen to your students, Research science and faith points of view, Discern useful sources, and Explore the Bible Together with your students. 
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