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Use these devotional ideas to get your family talking about language—and how we use it.

Picture This—Use word pictures to verbally illustrate Bible truths. For example, discuss the importance of having clean thoughts and using clean words, based on 2 Corinthians 10:5 (NIV): ―”We take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ.” Talk about a lasso and how it’s used. Give each family member a small piece of rope and let them tie a lasso. Then discuss what it would be like to ―”lasso” a bad thought or word.

Speak Up!—Emphasize that God wants us to communicate and work together—even when we all seem to be speaking different lan-guages. You’ll need a bunch of toilet paper rolls, clear cellophane tape, and a slip of paper for each family member with one of these directions written on it: ―”Say the opposite of what you mean,” ―”Remain silent and use no body language,” ―”Gesture with your hands,” ―”Ask questions,” and ―”Talk in baby talk.” Have each person take a slip and keep the directions secret. Say: ―”You have to build a tower as high as you can in three minutes. You’re allowed to commu-nicate only the way your slip of paper instructs.” Afterward, ask: ―”How did it feel to communicate this way? Have you ever felt like that in our family? Explain.” Read aloud Genesis 11:1-9. Ask: ―”Why do you think God confused the people’s languages?” Say: ―”God doesn’t want us to rebel like the people in our story. He wants us to commu-nicate well with our family members and work together.” Close in prayer, asking God to help you all speak in kind, helpful ways.


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