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Try these activities to show children that Jesus is our Comforter and Healer during life’s storms and hurts.

  • Comforter Collage—This activity works well for younger children. Have them wrap themselves up in comforters and blankets. Say: “Jesus was sad when people were hurting or when they died. Jesus said if we’re sad, he’ll comfort us, or help us feel better. Just like this blanket, he helps us feel warm and safe.” Set out a large sheet of butcher paper and supplies such as yarn, cotton balls, bandages, and markers. Brainstorm some of your favorite things or people who help you feel better when you’re sad. Then make your own family “comforter” on the paper. Close by reading aloud Matthew 5:4.


  • A Time to Dance—Take turns reading aloud the verses in Ecclesiastes 3:1-8. Share some of the “times” your family has laughed, cried, celebrated, and grieved together. Ask: “How can our faith in Jesus help us get through the difficult times in life? How can our faith in Jesus help us be a comfort to other people who are suffering?”


  • Pass around a piece of burlap and let everyone touch it. Say: “When people in the Old Testament grieved, they wore sackcloth, which feels similar to this burlap. It reminded them of their sorrow and sadness.” Read aloud Psalm 30:10-12. Say: “God promises to turn our tears into happiness or ‘joyful dancing.’ Let’s dance together now, to celebrate that grief is only temporary.” Then play praise music and dance ’til you drop!


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