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Your child is fantastic!  This month in Splash Harbor, the children are learning that we are all “wonderfully made.”  God made us, and that makes us FANTASTIC.

Children will be taking home the “I Am Fantastic” book that families can create together.  These will be handed out Oct. 1st/2nd at dismissal at each classroom and after that they will be available at the table in the pre-school hall.  The only supplies you need are these handouts, a camera and a 4×6 photo album.  Albums can be purchased at the Dollar Tree or Target for between $1-2.

After you have the supplies, choose a time to have photo fun with your child.  Take pictures of them doing amazing and wonderful things.  Then make a small photo book.  They can look at the book and remember that God has made them and they are fantastic.  Specific directions on how to assemble your book are included with the hand-outs.  Have fun as a family and celebrate how FANTASTIC they are!

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