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  • The latest names for child-rearing styles include “hippo parents,” who “sit” on their kids until they obey; “hot-tub parents,” who create relaxing environments to foster conversations; and “wishbone parents,” who merely hope situations will improve.  (
  •  Technology is invading playdates. Many kids now bring along cell phones and get into older siblings’ video games. Meanwhile, supervising parents are often busy on Facebook. (


 Quick Stats

  •  Children just might be hard-wired for missions. When asked, “What would you like to do someday?” 51% of 8- to 12-year-olds said, “Travel throughout the world,” and 50% answered, “Be able to speak another language.”  (Harris
  •  85% of moms use their kids to escape social obligations. And nearly one in three moms uses work as an excuse to avoid caring for her kids. (


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