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Movie: The Secret World of

Genre: Animation, Adventure

Rating: G

Cast: Amy Poehler, Will Arnett, Carol Burnett

Synopsis: This film is based on Mary Norton’s classic children’s book The Borrowers. A 12-year-old boy becomes friends with little people living beneath his house’s floorboards.

Our Take: This family-friendly anime film from the makers of
Ponyo contains mild peril.



Artist: Jaci Velasquez

Album: Diamond

Artist Info: Velasquez, 32, returns to Christian music after a four-year hiatus. She topped the charts back in 1996 with her major-label debut Heavenly Place.

Summary: On the first single, “Give Them Jesus,” Velasquez sings that the smallest things in life can shine the brightest for God. “Girl” is a song about self-worth
and purity.

Our Take: This long-awaited
comeback album is a gem for listeners of all ages.  


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