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Begin a conversation about stewardship by asking these questions:

Why does God give us money and talents? What does he want us to do with these things, and why?
How do you decide how much of your money to spend, save, or give away?
How can you handle money wisely without honoring it too much?

Use these activities to nurture Christian stewardship:

• Stay Focused—In her book With All Their Heart (Moody), Christine Yount Jones shares an active example of the difficulty of serving both God and money. Have two people stand side by side in the center of a large room (or outside). Tell your children to look at both people at the same time. Then have the two people walk in opposite directions until they’re far apart. Afterward, read Matthew 6:24. Ask: “What was it like to try to keep your eyes on both people at the same time? How can we stay
focused on God as we handle the money he has trusted us with?”

• Give Yourself to God—Read aloud Luke 21:1-4, about the poor widow who donated two “mites,” or small coins, to the temple. Jesus praised her for giving “everything she has.” Gather some pennies, tape, index cards, and crayons to make a reminder to follow the widow’s example. Have each family member tape two pennies to an index card. Then rub a crayon or pencil on the other side of the card, over the coins, to make a texture rubbing. Remove the pennies and write “Give Yourself to God” on the card (help young
children). Decorate the cards and tape them throughout the house, possibly by piggy banks, wallets, or the checkbook. Ask: “What are some ways we can give ourselves to God? How can we share the blessings God gives us? What type of attitude should we have about sharing and giving?” Close in prayer, thanking God for being generous to us and asking him to help us be
generous to others.

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