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Salvation Conversation Guide

Memory Verse: “I bring you good news of great joy that will be from all the people.” Luke 2:10, ESV   

Key Question: Who gives you joy?

Bottom Line: Jesus gives me joy.

No one likes for a party to end, so let’s keep this party going! That means you can keep all of those streamers, hats, and party horns right where they are because we have MORE to celebrate! This month, we’re celebrating Jesus because Jesus gives me joy!

We’re not talking about the happiness you get from a carnival ride or a triple scoop of ice cream kind of joy. We’re talking about the joy only Jesus can give! It’s the kind of joy that we can have no matter what. It is a joy that lasts forever!

So grab a handful—or two—of confetti. It’s time to start the party . . . AGAIN


Week 1: July 7- no services

Week 2: July 14

Week 3: July 21

Week 4: July 28


All Month – July  2024

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