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Salvation Conversation Guide

Memory Verse: “God saw everything he had made. And it was very good.” Genesis 1:31, NIrV

Key Question: Who made everything?

Bottom Line: God made everything.

Basic Truth: I am made by God to worship Him.

 Preschoolers will ask questions countless times as they get to know the world around them. It’s like they’re beginning a lifelong Scavenger Hunt. This is the perfect opportunity for us to not only tell them what they are looking at but Who made it as well. That’s why we are going to add another question to their inquisitive minds. Who made everything?

Who made the red ladybug? Who made the grey rocks? The white clouds? The blue bird?

We want preschoolers to know that God made everything. We want them to think of God as they explore and get to know this wonderful, colorful world we live in. And even more, we want them to know that the same God who made everything made them and loves them.


Week 1: May 1

Week 2: May 8

Week 3: May 15

Week 4: May 22

Week 5: May 29- 5th Sunday Funday


All Month – May 2022

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