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Salvation Conversation Guide

Memory Verse: “I will always love you.” Jeremiah 31:3, CEV

Key Question: Who loves you?

Bottom Line: God loves me.

This month is all about introducing preschoolers to God – the One who loves them with a love that lasts forever. When it comes to preschoolers and what they know about God, there are a few faith skills we want to make sure they have in their little red wagon. We want every child to know that they can hear from God, pray to God, talk about God to others, and live for God. We hope they will pull these faith skills around, wherever they go, for the rest of their lives. Then they can go with confidence because they have the faith skills needed for whatever comes their way.


Week 1: May 5

Week 2: May 12

Week 3: May 19

Week 4: May 26


All Month – May  2024

Monthly Overview

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