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Teaching Series: Family Matters*

SERIES OVERVIEW: Family – we all have one. Is there anything more complicated than family? Whether your students are dealing with changes, fights, fractures, or more, navigating family matters is no easy feat for them. And for many high schoolers, the temptation is to give up. To check out. To say, “in a few years (or months), I’ll be out of here anyway.” But as leaders, we know family doesn’t stop affecting us when we leave high school. For the rest of our lives, family matters. And maybe that’s why Scripture has so much to say about it! In this series, we’ll talk about life with every family from picture perfect to totally fractured. And as we do, students will discover no matter what your family looks like…family matters.

*LEADERS, please notes that Weeks C + D below do not have dates; different campuses have different holiday schedules, so check with your HSM campus pastor + weekly emails to see when/if your campus may use these lessons.

Week A: November 7 + 10, 2021

Week B: NOVEMBER 14 + 17

Week C*:

  • MAIN POINT: When your family changes, your mindset matters.
  • MAIN SCRIPTURES: Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 & Isaiah 43:2
  • JESUS CONNECTION: When our families face change and brokenness – we can find constant, eternal hope in trusting Jesus.

Week D*:

  • MAIN POINT: It matters to have more people than your family.
  • MAIN SCRIPTURES: Jonathon + David references (1 Samuel 18:1 -19:6) & Hebrews 10:24-25
  • JESUS CONNECTION: We need people in our lives who won’t just support us, but who will point us back to Jesus & His grace.
  • TEACHING NOTE: This is our second time studying Hebrews 10:24-25. Repetition helps learning and building culture. This verse is a foundational verse for small groups, so discussing it again can be a great thing for building healthy small group culture.

HSM Nov Study Guide – Studying God’s Word on our own is an important step in owning our faith. Find ways to encourage students in your group who you think are ready for this step in to complete the HSM monthly inductive Study Guide.

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