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Start a conversation about problem-solving by asking these questions:

1. When you can’t figure out something, how do you feel? How do you
usually react, and why?

2. Where do you look for answers to your problems?

3. What lessons have you learned from dealing with different problems? What have you learned about yourself in the process?


Use these fun activities, adapted from Group’s Hands-On Bible, to show how God helps us solve problems:

 • Falling Walls—Read aloud Joshua 6:1-20, when God knocks down the walls of Jericho without force. Say: “Does this sound impossible? Let’s try it!” Break graham crackers into fourths and spread marshmallow creme on one side of each section. Stack the crackers on top of each other, using the creme as cement. Line up several stacks to form a wall. Say: “Let’s shout at our wall as loudly as we can.” Afterward, ask what happened. Say: “That’s right—nothing! It isn’t easy to bring down a wall with just noise, but God did it. God is awesome!” As you eat each section of the wall, discuss times when you need God’s power. Close in prayer, asking God to help you with all your problems and challenges.

• Strength to Fly—Ask: “Ever wish you could fly?” Read aloud Isaiah 40:31. Say: “That verse isn’t talking about people flying. But it’s a promise that if we trust God, he’ll give us new strength.” Have family members each try this cool trick as a reminder to trust God when problems arise. Stand in a doorway. Press the backs of your hands against the door frame as hard as you can. Count to 25. Then move away from the doorway, relax your arms, and discuss what happens. Say: “You found new strength! When you stopped pressing so hard, your arms wanted to fly up. God promises to renew our strength when we trust him, even when we’re tired and troubled. Next time things gets tough, justremember that God promises to give us new strength.”


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